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Inventing Europe in Modern History of Philosophy


Inventing Europe in Modern History of Philosophy


Medieval Philosophy in Modern History of Philosophy

Freiburg im Breisgau

October 26-28, 2017




The conference Inventing Europe in Modern History on Philosophy aims to study the strategies of demarcation implemented in the 18th and 19th centuries by historians of philosophy in order to create the allegedly philosophical culture of modern Europe, as well as national philosophies. From within the philosophical historiography, it investigates the cultural narratives that intended to establish the supremacy of Western culture above all others, as well as their effects on cultures that have been excluded from European rationality.



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Please note a change in the conference programme: in place of Anke von Kügelgen's lecture scheduled for Saturday, 28 October at 12:00 am, Joachim Kurtz (Heidelberg) will give a talk on "The Trouble with 'Chinese Logic': The Difficulty of Writing a Non-Eurocentric History of Non-European Thought".





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